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Topographical Surveys

Topographical Surveys

Typically any real estate activity begins with a Topographical survey also called as land survey. A Topographical survey or a land survey is nothing but a pictorial representation of the project site to scale in a 3-dimensional format. Topographical surveys or land surveys are typically carried out to represent all the existing features of the project site like the ground profile, approach roads, trees, buildings, roads, cart tracks, manmade & natural features, contours, elevation, forest cover, marsh areas, pipelines, power transmission lines, buildings and various types of boundary lines such as international, provincial and administrative, and many others etc. on a Topo-Map. The list of features captured in topographical surveys also depends on the project scale & project requirements, for instance while acquiring land for your dream venture, a topographical survey or land survey can throw light on any aspect that might be hidden from plain sight including the changes that have occurred in the area over a period of time. An in-depth and accurate image or representation of your land in the form of  a Topo Map or land survey map will mitigate the possibility of downstream mistakes caused by unforeseen factors and safeguard you from unwanted expenditures. These topographical surveys also enable the planners with the proper insights to conceptualize designs according to the property’s features and the client’s unique requirements.

Topographical Surveys

We at Precision surveys have mastered the practice of measuring and producing accurate Topo Maps also called as land survey maps as per standard specifications & requirements of the Planners & designers. The Topo Maps or land survey maps also show the accurate area statements, precise boundaries & workable base maps are produced in formats compatible to various GIS software’s used by the planners, designers etc.

Where is Topographic Surveys Used?

Land survey services are asked to produce topographic surveys for:

  • construction and architectural projects

  • environmental restoration and property improvements

  • to fulfil regulatory requirements for construction codes

  • guidance for setting up grading or drainage ditches

  • when land developed for one purpose is being used for another purpose

  • to ascertain the property extents

  • fixing property boundaries

  • for cadastral mapping

  • for industrial green field & brown field projects

  • for Asset mapping etc.


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