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Photogrammetric Surveys

Photogrammetric Surveys

Photogrammetric Surveys: Time is a critical constraint for most of the large-scale projects and this is where Precision photogrammetric surveys add value to construction progress through photogrammetric or drone based land surveying techniques. Our state of art equipment and highly experience drone pilots have mastered Aero-Triangulation, High Accuracy Digital Planimetric and Topographic Mapping, Digital Terrain Models (DTM) and Geo-Referenced Orthoimage. Our advanced post-processing software is configured to deliver DSM, DTM, TIN models, shape files, Tiff files, point cloud data, or complete output in AutoCAD format based on client's prerequisite.

Photogrammetric Surveys

The advantage of Precision Surveys lies in its ability to integrate DGPS surveys, total station land surveys with drone based aerial photogrammetric surveys and incorporate data that may otherwise not be obtainable with the aerial photogrammetric surveys.

How Photogrammetric Surveys Work?

Photogrammetric surveys use aerial photographs taken from an aircraft or satellite to measure and map the Earth’s surface. The photographs are then processed using specialized software that can identify features on the ground, such as buildings, roads, rivers, and other features. The software then creates a 3D model of the area that can be used for a variety of purposes.

The accuracy of photogrammetric surveys depends on the quality of the photographs taken. High-resolution photographs are necessary for accurate results, as they provide more detail and allow for more precise measurements. Additionally, the software used to process the photographs must be calibrated correctly in order to ensure accurate results.

Uses of Photogrammetric Surveys

Photogrammetric surveys are used in a variety of industries, including engineering, construction, and environmental monitoring. They can be used to create detailed maps of an area that can be used for planning and design purposes. Additionally, they can be used to monitor changes in an area over time, such as changes in land use or vegetation cover.

Photogrammetric surveys are also becoming increasingly popular for archaeological research. They can be used to create detailed maps of archaeological sites that can help researchers better understand the layout and features of the site. Additionally, they can be used to monitor changes in an archaeological site over time.

Applications of Photogrammetric Surveys

  • Essential in engineering, construction, and environmental monitoring.

  • Provides detailed maps for planning and design purposes.

  • Monitors changes over time, such as land use and vegetation cover.

  • Gains popularity in archaeological research for mapping and site monitoring.


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