Measured Drawings.

As-Built Plans / Measured Drawings.

This is a field of civil engineering surveying, which involves many methods of surveying. The basic essence of this aspect of surveying is to create as built floor plans, as built elevations, accurate area statements, existing internal furniture layout plans, existing MEP layout plans etc.., These plans are especially required even after a meticulous execution of a project as per the design drawings, since there is always a possibility of deviation from the planned design due to various external factors.

as built model.jpg

An As-Built drawing is intended to document the current dimensions and layout of the building and evaluate the existing conditions. The As-built plans/measured drawings are instrumental in assessing the Built-up areas, which need to be stated in all commercial literature and legal instruments.

An As-Built drawing is imperative for renovations or improvement projects & a constructed structure almost never corresponds exactly to the original design drawings and this critical distinction can derail the architect’s intentions. As-built plans also supports local municipalities for taxation assessments. State of the Art equipment enables Precision surveys to map the current dimensions with precision.