International Airport

Precision Surveys has been the primary service provider for Mapping the North & South Parallel runway and has been providing Asset Mapping services since 2011 to Bangalore International Airport

Coca Cola India Pvt Ltd

Precision Surveys has been a trusted partner for Coca Cola India Pvt Ltd. since 2012 supporting them in all Due Diligence activities during new plant site acquisitions or expansion and Dossier Documentation for approvals

Land use Analysis and FAR calculations, cognizant, property valuations, due diligence services were done across Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Chennai

Toyota Kirloskar Motor India

Precision Surveys has been associated with Toyota Kirloskar Motor India since its early inception years providing Topographical Survey for its manufacturing unit at Bidadi, Karnataka and Measure Drawings for all their facilities across the 850 plus acres.

Tata Group

Precision Surveys has been a dependable surveying related advisor for the Tata Group supplying it with Due Diligence, Cadastral Mapping, Geotechnical Investigations and a full-feasibility analysis prior to most of ventures/acquisitions.


Oracle Corporation

Precision Surveys was instrumental in supporting corporates like Oracle Corporation, SanDisk, Godrej, Gold manschs etc off-shore development center set up by providing it with As-Built Plans viz   viz approved/sanction plans comparative statements & due diligence surveys for over 30,00,000 Sft.

Godrej Properties

Precision Surveys catered to critical infrastructure establishment like data center of corporate companies etc., through Flood Risk Assessment, evaluating the Fire, airports authority of India, Comprehensive development plans, town planning authority    requirements etc., and other safety regulation adherence as directed by government