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Geotechnical Investigation

Geotechnical Investigation

The strength of building lies in the ground below is common knowledge but understanding what lies in ground below is our expertise. The geotechnical investigations by Precision Surveys provides not only a report of visual analysis of the soil layers present beneath the ground's surface but also solutions to some of most complex issues such as ground movement analyses, complex soil-structure interaction problems, tunnel assessments, piled foundation selection, earthworks control, slope stability etc. Our stringent testing methodologies evaluate the various soil parameters to determine the safe bearing capacity for designing the foundations. Our sole aim is to ensure the longevity of any structure, be it large-scale infra projects like the metro railway or multi-floor shopping mall to a sweet little family home.

Additionally conducting a proper geotechnical investigation or soil investigation analysis is also mandated by local planning authorities before providing plan sanctions & also a good geotechnical investigation report can give certain peace of mind to property owners/developers/contractors/designers, so that proper precautions can be taken while preparing a proper foundation plan & save one from liabilities arising out of improper foundation designs based on faulty geotechnical investigation reports.

Geotechnical Investigation

A good geotechnical investigation report where the collected soil samples are actually tested & are properly reported saves a lot of time, money, unexpected surprises & expensive litigations.

Geotechnical Investigations by Precision Surveys: Ensuring Strong Foundations

  • Expertise in Understanding the Ground: Precision Surveys specializes in comprehending what lies beneath the ground. Our geotechnical investigations provide valuable insights into soil layers and solve complex issues like ground movement, soil-structure interactions, and more.

  • Comprehensive Solutions: Our services encompass a wide range of challenges, including tunnel assessments, selecting piled foundations, analyzing ground movement, controlling earthworks, assessing slope stability, and more.

  • Determining Safe Bearing Capacity: Through rigorous testing methods, we evaluate various soil parameters to determine the safe bearing capacity, crucial for designing sturdy foundations that ensure the longevity of any structure.

  • Mandated and Peace of Mind: Geotechnical investigations are often required by local planning authorities before approving construction plans. A thorough investigation report also offers property owners, developers, contractors, and designers peace of mind, aiding in proper foundation planning and preventing issues stemming from faulty reports.

  • Time, Money, and Legal Savings: A well-documented geotechnical investigation report that includes tested soil samples saves significant time, money, and prevents unexpected surprises. This approach also safeguards against expensive legal disputes arising from improper foundation designs based on inadequate geotechnical reports.


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